Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis

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Strategic Analysis Stratégie et Management

Program Officer

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10 modules  

-9 modules online: 1 session /week

-1 last module: 2 days in class in Morocco 

Online & UM6P - Rabat

25 Octobre 2021

03 Septembre 2021
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Processus de candidature


01. Interview

Send an updated Resume  

02. File Selection

Write a Personal statement (Approximately 250 words) to explain the choice of the program benefits and contribution on a personal and professional level

03. Admission Committee

A file based selection followed by an individual interview with the members of the admission committee

Description du programme

The Executive training course in Strategic Analysis is designed to improve the analytical capabilities of the participants through focused, intensive practical training and personal tuition. The course caters to the specific challenge’s participants face in their every-day working lives and aims to provide them with the theoretical foundations and contextual understanding of strategic analysis, as well as the practical tools and methods to become more successful analysts. This is achieved through an integrated syllabus that combines informative lectures and seminars, practical skills training, and interactive exercises and simulations that require both individual and group work.

Program objectives
•    Improve participants’ theoretical and contextual understanding of strategic intelligence analysis;
•    Advance participants’ practical strategic analysis capabilities;
•    Enhance participants’ abilities to work under pressure, to tight deadlines and crisis situations, both in teams and individually

Public cible

This training course is intended for analysts and executives working in a range of environments, including in political analysis, risk and threat analysis and corporate intelligence analysis.